When you combine romantic park with the rocky shores of Malibu and one madly in love couple, you get a dreamy Malibu engagement session. This Malibu engagement session couldn’t be more quintessential Southern California. MK and Kenny really wanted a beautiful, unique, fun and romantic setting that would capture who they are as a couple, which is why they chose both Charmlee Wilderness Park and Beach for their Malibu engagement session. They wanted their Malibu engagement photos to also capture the incredible geographic beauty of California so that they could always return in memory to this time in their lives. Strolling hand-in-hand MK and Kenny couldn’t be more happily in love if they tried! These two, they just fit together. Kenny makes MK laugh and her beautiful smile shows how much they enjoy each other’s company and their Malibu engagement session. After relaxed and romantic walk in the park, we rushed to the Malibu beach just before sunset where we were graced with the golden light and had an absolute blast! The lighting was simply amazing and the mood was so special, romantic and magical with playful moments between our sweet couple. I can’t wait to share their special day next summer!