Stephanie and Greg envisioned their Malibu Creek State Park Engagement session to be soft and romantic, to be natural, simple, fun, and organic – just like their lifestyle. They loved the intimate feel of just the two of them at the Malibu Creek State park and the windy Malibu beach. With the Groom-to-be strumming away at his guitar and his lovely Bride-to-be by his side on a cloudless California day, the scene couldn’t have been more idyllic. They took a break from their wedding preparations to take a stroll arm in arm on one of the most beautiful Malibu’s parks and private beaches.

That California light… it never fails to make us stop to soak it all in. We loved the natural and organic setting of both locations, the light was falling down the horizon quickly, so we made the most of it and chased it down, finding pretty pockets of light as they laughed and snuggled together. So snapping up a few shots in that magic golden hour, when the light just seems to sparkle, was really a no brainer. The wooded area of the park is intimate and rustic, and the beach, calm and serene. The combination of their seaside stroll, a few sweet kisses, and Malibu’s gorgeous backdrop make for an Malibu Creek State Park Engagement session that will be cherished for years. Greg played guitar for Stephanie while she sat beside him feeling so in love. This couple truly grows more and more in love with each passing day. Their Malibu Creek State Park Engagement session was full of sweet sentiments overflowing with genuine warmth and charm. Both Stephanie and Greg were so in love, whimsical and carefree.

Perfect attire for this love session among the oak trees and Malibu beach, and we captured each smile, kiss and sweet moment in between of this gorgeously effortless Malibu Creek State Park Engagement. Stephanie and Greg are set to marry next June in the loveliest Los Angeles River Center & Gardens and we’re so much looking forward to their Big Day!