Serendipity Garden Wedding

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Katie and Aurelien said their I-dos in front of the large rolling landscape of the South California Mountains on stunning pergola perched on a cliff. They found their dream wedding venue that was voted number 1 Wedding Venue in all of Southern California, by Southern California Bride. Katie and Aurelien were aiming for minimalist yet chic, but appreciating the natural décor around them for its rustic vibe however not wanting to play into it too hard. They wanted their Serendipity Garden wedding to feel relaxed and effortless, but also highly designed. The idea was for the guests to leave the weekend feeling they had had their own vacation, with just a nice Serendipity Garden wedding sandwiched in the middle of it. The bride and groom really wanted the weekend to be as much about their guests as it was about them. They had neutral and organic colors for the ceremony. Katie and Aurelien wanted to focus on the natural beauty of the venue. The focus was to be simple and chic and to blend seamlessly into the natural setting of the venue. They did the whole ceremony on top of a hill in one of their pastures overlooking the entire valley. That setting itself did not need much more decoration then that! Their vows were the magical time they’ve been dreaming about and planning for. Their ceremony was sure the highlight of their dream day. Serendipity Garden wedding celebration continued on gorgeous cocktail terrace. Guests mingled while enjoying delicious cocktails, appetizers and a breathtaking view of the vineyard. They had pretty cool rustic details like wine barrels that definitely added to the charm and also served as tabletops. Lush garden landscaping of their Serendipity Garden wedding filled the space with brilliant color and the sounds of an elegant water feature contributed to the tranquility of the peaceful mountain surroundings. With the sun softly setting in the valley, and the richness of the forest in the view Katie and Aurelien had one of the most beautiful and romantic backdrops for their Serendipity Garden wedding. Bride and groom with their guests gazed over the valley, as they danced to their favorite music under twinkling lights, mingled with the ones they loved and celebrated their Serendipity Garden wedding the night away under Oak Glen’s starry sky. As they made exit as newlyweds, their guests cheered them on, remembering an unforgettable evening of love and laughter! Their Serendipity Garden wedding was rustic, elegant, and a stunningly beautiful wedding to celebrate Katie and Aurelien’s most special day, with the most special people in their lives.Serendipity Garden weddingSerendipity Garden weddingSerendipity Garden weddingSerendipity Garden weddingSerendipity Garden weddingSerendipity Garden weddingSerendipity Garden weddingSerendipity Garden weddingSerendipity Garden wedding