Castle Green Wedding

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Amy and Bradley got married at the historic mansion-style wedding venue Castle Green, an amazing property in the Pasadina that sits right in San Gabriel Valley. They are the kind of couple that really make you feel the love that exists between them. We were surrounded by so much nature and exquisite architecture, all of us at this Castle Green wedding were in our happy place. Being the artists they are, Amy and Bradley put so much detail into their Castle Green wedding. The small touches added beauty to an already beautiful day. The ceremony under the most gorgeous floral arch turned out to be the most special, moving and magical moment of the day for the couple. For the reception, they wanted it to be great but a different experience for everyone meaning Amy and Bradley wanted their Castle Green wedding to be glamorous but really fun! They had most delicious dinner and most crazy dance party with each and every single song picked by bride and groom personally which was simply the best thing they could have hoped for, and it was a blast! In terms of décor, they played with their autumn meets glamour theme in order to create sophisticated table arrangements, including cutest miniature pumpkins. They also incorporated their vision with tones of soft beige and off white tones in the flowers and white & gold and tender pink table setting displayed on bespoke linens. From the choice of the linens to the exact foliage or even the escort cards’ table display on the piano, our bride and groom wanted the decor itself to tell a story at their Castle Green wedding. Both Amy and Bradley are extremely talented and creative folks and they know so much about photography so it was super cool for us to share the fun of documenting the day of their beautiful Castle Green wedding with. It was the kind of day where you feel the strongest and joyful dance vibes, love flowing wide and it all was pure goodness!Castle Green WeddingCastle Green WeddingCastle Green WeddingCastle Green WeddingCastle Green WeddingCastle Green WeddingCastle Green WeddingCastle Green WeddingCastle Green WeddingCastle Green Wedding