People all over the world know Vasquez Rocks because it’s been a featured location for decades in movies such as “Planet of the Apes” and “Blazing Saddles” and TV shows like “Westworld” and “Star Trek” but today thanks to our amazing clients we are bringing you Vasquez Rocks engagement session! With stunning light, a beautiful landscape and a couple so obviously in love, even the bandit hideout location looks like a perfect spot to capture love. Channing and Andrew loves hiking and since Westworld was one of their favorite shows and pretty unique location, they decided to have Vasquez Rocks engagement. Channing and Andrew is the sweetest and coolest couple we’ve ever seen! These two California natives are super stylish and so sweet together! Channing happens to be serious fashionista, she passionately chose outfits for her Vasquez Rocks engagement and with their genuine tenderness and laughs it turned into Vasquez Rocks celebration of love! Together with Andrew they’ve got the kind of BFF-soulmate-partner-for-life connection we could feel through their Vasquez Rocks engagement. We were astounded by the breathtaking beauty we found in this otherworldly place. The landscape at Vasquez Rocks is unreal. It’s kinda like being on Mars, except for the fact that we’re only about 100 miles from home making Vasquez Rocks engagement real for anyone who loves traveling like our adventurous couple and us. Watching their playful interactions and unguarded love for one another was inspiring. The stark landscape, with crumbling boulders was so extraordinary and provided a complimentary backdrop for the affection Channing and Andrew expressed toward each other throughout our Vasquez Rocks session together. At the end of the day we climbed up on top of one of the boulders and watched as the sun slowly colored the golden landscape during their super fun and romantic Vasquez Rocks session. Feeling slightly sentimental, we headed home, thankful for the unsurpassable gift of nature, and the unassuming greatness of the love that had unfolded before our eyes. We can’t wait to photograph their wedding at Maravilla Gardens later this year!