This Calamigos Ranch wedding makes a strong case for being one of the most romantic Calamigos Oak Room wedding ever! Marisa and Jason are two of the kindest, sweetest and most fun couples we’ve had the pleasure of getting to know and work with. Marisa was a stunning bride and her Calamigos Oak Room wedding? Just as amazing with beautiful blooms from Exotic Green Garden, a mesmerizing Calamigos Ranch settings and backdrop and one captivating moment after another. Whenever citrus and blush hues find their way into wedding details, the result is a lovely mix of fresh and colorful. This Calamigos Oak Room wedding is a sum of so many beautiful pieces and parts. These parts as a whole tell the story of a happy Calamigos Oak Room wedding day rich in color and love. And when you pull apart the layers, you’ll find bride’s gorgeous lace dress mixed with the loveliest flower crown, candy colored bouquet and a day swathed in sunshine. Marisa and Jason really wanted their friends and family to enjoy the relaxed feel of Southern California and they had selected the Oak Room at Calamigos Ranch, which was the perfect spot to give them what they were after – their unforgettable Calamigos Oak Room wedding. Marisa had definite ideas about what she liked and wanted to see at her Calamigos Oak Room wedding. Michelle and her team did an amazing job and they couldn’t have put together the wedding they had without all her help, suggestions, and mastermind. She kept things stress free for bride and groom and literally took care of everything. By having such organized and easy to work with wedding planner, bride and groom and their guests were really able to let loose and have a great time. Marisa and Jason wanted to say their own vows, which was a very special part of the day as they stepped under the Ceremony Arch that was decorated beautifully by Exotic Green Garden team. This Calamigos Oak Room wedding was full of sweet touches and surprises, both the bride and groom arranged for something special at the wedding to honor one another and their bridal party. When Marisa and Jason shared their first dance it was seriously one of the most spirited first dances we’ve ever seen! Right after their first dance, everyone gathered around the dance floor for the traditional father/daughter and mother/son dance, where guests shower the bride and groom with so much love and beautiful emotions. Dancing was really important to the couple and they selected an amazing DJ Magic Mike from VOX DJs. He had the crowd on their feet the entire night. It was for sure a party they will never forget!

Planner: Michelle Isabel & Co